Green steel structure has become the development direction of the construction industry

In China, the “Unified Technical Specifications for the Application of Wall Materials”, which was implemented in June 2011, has clearly stated that “asbestos fibers are carcinogenic materials. It is strictly forbidden to produce wall materials containing asbestos fibers and Related plates. So who will replace the traditional building materials containing asbestos? In the context of the new round of new urbanization, in the face of the huge construction market, the green building represented by steel structure in recent years has become the development direction of the construction industry in the future with its characteristics of health, application and high efficiency.

According to the requirements of the “Green Building Action Plan” and the “Circular Economy Development Strategy and Immediate Action Plan” issued by the State Council, various construction enterprises have begun to grab various market
“The difficult technology of steel structure houses lies in wall panels.” Wang Minggui, a researcher at the Institute of Chinese Academy of Architecture, told reporters that China’s current new wall materials are scarce and the foundation of building industrialization is weak. There are few wall and plate products in the market, and the quality and price are high. There is no need for the industrialization of steel structure housing; it also indirectly causes the objective status of steel structure housing "high cost and difficult promotion".

Therefore, how to develop a new type of wall panel with low quality and low price, and to make full use of the advantages of “health and environmental protection” of steel structure, the cost of steel structure housing can be accepted by the market, which is related to Whether related companies can occupy the commanding heights of the market in the future competition.

The insiders also pointed out that upgrading the technological innovation of steel structure construction enterprises will make the comprehensive cost of steel structure buildings close to or even lower than the cost of reinforced concrete construction, which will become the key to the future development of steel structure and the core of the popularization of green buildings in China.

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