The difference between light steel houses and traditional houses

1. Comparison of foundation cost of infrastructure
Because all materials are light materials, light steel structure houses are light weight, only 1/5 of the brick-concrete structure and 1/6 of the steel-concrete structure, thus greatly reducing the cost of the foundation. Double-layer light steel structure houses are dug 400mm-600mm deep below the ground, and 240mm-300mm high structural ring beams can be placed above the ground. In some mountainous areas, hills and desert areas, light steel structure houses do not require special foundation treatment, and the cost is much lower than that of brick-concrete structures. The basic cost of light steel villas in the same area is equivalent to about two-thirds of brick-concrete structures. One.
Light steel structure foundation cost 150 yuan / m2
200m2X150 yuan / m2 = 30,000 yuan.
The cost of traditional brick-concrete structure foundation is 250 yuan/m2
200m2X250 yuan / m2 = 50,000 yuan
Namely: According to 2002 calculation, the traditional brick-concrete structure foundation needs to cost 20,000 yuan.

2. the use of area comparison
The analysis is made from three different types of houses: a two-story residential building with a brick-concrete structure with a building area of ​​about 400 m2; a three-story residential building with a reinforced concrete structure with a building area of ​​about 550 m2. After calculation and analysis, the area utilization rates of the two different structural buildings are 73% and 78.4%, respectively, while the light steel structure housing usage rate is over 90%.
The area ratio of brick-and-mortar houses is generally around 78%-85%.
The use rate of light steel structure houses is as high as 90%-95%.
The actual use area of ​​light steel structure buildings can reach up to 96%.
Brick-concrete structure, the actual use area of ​​the building is calculated at 75%:
The actual use area of ​​brick mixing is S=200m2X0.78=156m2.
The actual use area of ​​light steel is S=200m2X0.90=180m2.
Compared with the brick-concrete structure, it can get 24m2 of use area, which can increase the use area of ​​a large living room. If the foundation cost is not included, it will cost at least 37,000 yuan to get the same use area.

3. decoration comparison
The cost of Desaiou Solid Light Steel Villa rough house includes the following aspects: main structure, insulation material, doors and windows, exterior wall decoration, top shape, gutter system and wall waterproofing, stairs, interior wall calcium silicate Board, water and electricity wiring, etc., that is, only a little wall and ground treatment can be accommodated, no additional additions and expenditures. Compared with the price advantage of brick-concrete structure, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
In the second decoration, the interior wall does not need to be flattened and other decoration work, just by directly smashing the wall paint or wall covering. The floor section can also be tiled or floored directly, and the price is basically dependent on the material of the selected floor tile or floor. Calculated according to the two-story building area of ​​two hundred square meters, the direct saving of the inner wall is about 17,000.

4. Comparison of construction period and on-site construction labor costs
1. The construction of light steel structure houses is industrialized with high speed and speed. The construction period is shortened by half compared with brick and concrete houses. The structure can be completed from two months to the outside and the built-in buildings (300-400 square meters). The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions to achieve uninterrupted construction throughout the year and reduce the cost of on-site transportation and hoisting.
2. The construction period of brick-concrete construction increases, the time for workers to work on-site increases, and a certain fee is paid every day. Therefore, compared with brick-concrete structure houses, the cost of artificial cost of light steel villas is significantly lower.
3. The cost of economics refers to the biggest cost of giving up. The more things are abandoned, the more the cost. The brick-concrete structure for the owners, the long construction period, the biggest cost for the owners to give up is work, body, Other operating income? These economic benefits, which are implicitly abandoned due to long periods, cannot be ignored.
Light steel villa owners build a house:
The cost is 200m2X1688 yuan/m2=33.76 million yuan.
The construction of Desaiou Light Steel Villa includes material costs, freight and construction fees. The owner himself does not need to stay at home for supervision. The lost time is almost 0 yuan.
The brick-concrete structure and the building period are more than 8 months before they can be accommodated. During the construction period, the cost is:
The cost is 200m2X1200 yuan/m2=24,000 yuan.
The owner's lost time is 5,000 yuan / month * 8 months * 1 person = 40,000 yuan

5. the maintenance cost of the exterior wall decoration and insulation comparison
The 10cm wall insulation effect of the light steel structure house is equivalent to the insulation effect of the 40cm thick brick and concrete house. After the brick-concrete houses are built, in order to better the appearance and heat preservation effect, it is necessary to additionally make external decoration and external wall insulation, and the light steel structure houses are in place at one time, and no secondary expenses will be involved. Cost of use: Because of the insulation of light steel structure houses, the heat insulation is better than that of brick-concrete houses, and the cost of air-conditioning and heating in the later period will be greatly reduced.
After the use of Desaiou light steel villas, the energy consumption for heating or cooling is about 30% less than that of traditional houses. Each year, you can save thousands of dollars by heating the air in winter. This fee is paid every year. Really make one investment and save money for life.

6. Comparison of service life and recycling rate
The light steel structure has a service life of 90 years. After 90 years, it will be demolished and refurbished. The recovery rate of more than 80% will save the manual cost.
The brick-concrete structure has a service life of 50 years. After 50 years, it will be demolished and refurbished. The recovery rate is low, and the freight cost is at least 15,000 yuan.
Comprehensive cost:
Desaiou light steel villa: basic 20,000 + house cost 337,600 = 367,600 yuan.
Traditional brick-and-concrete houses: basic 60,000+ house cost 240,000+3.7 million+ 40,000 lost work costs, 17,000 inner wall, 17,000 external wall insulation, 150,000 demolition costs, and 46,000 yuan.

At the technical level, there are problems in rural housing construction:
1) The selection of the scheme is unreasonable.
Rural construction is generally without the participation of architects. It is often arbitrary. Each family plagiarizes and blindly compares. The result is that it is not energy-saving, unreasonable, unsuitable, unsightly, uneconomical, and buildings and people's new lifestyles are also incompatible. .
2) The structural design is unreasonable, there is no formal design drawings, and the construction is random.
At present, more than 95% of rural housing construction has no formal construction drawings. When building a house, it is copied from the east. It is only based on experience. It is freely dismantled and remodeled during the construction process. The building quality is not guaranteed and the disaster resistance is low. For example, the basic design is unreasonable. Some farmers consider saving money and facilitating construction on a one-sided basis. There is no geological data, and the hazards of soft soil and silty foundation are neglected. The foundation is buried too shallow and there is no reinforcement.
3) Most of the construction workers are left home, and the quality is not guaranteed.
The rural construction houses are all one family. The construction scale is small. The large construction team is unwilling to undertake the contract. Most of the construction teams are made up of individual bricklayers, carpenters and other miscellaneous teams. Generally, they have not undergone formal training and professional technical assessment. The construction knowledge, technical technology is backward, construction is not essential: they do not know what the mixing ratio is when preparing mortar and concrete, and the coarse and fine aggregates are not weighed, and the experience is stirred for the construction of mortar or poured concrete. There is no bottom in the marking and strength, the masonry quality is poor, the grey seam is not standard, the seaming phenomenon is serious, the mortar fullness is insufficient; the embedded ribbing ribs are randomly placed, and the length, direction and spacing are not standard, causing the vertical and horizontal wall joints Not strong; dry bricks on the wall, due to the serious loss of water in the mortar, the strength of the masonry is reduced. All of the above practices have reduced the safety and reliability of the building structure, and the quality of the house cannot be guaranteed.
Light steel villas are different from traditional brick-concrete houses. Light steel villas are a mature residential system. Light steel villa components are prefabricated in the factory by computer precision calculation. The assembled wall error can reach millimeters. . It is resistant to the magnitude 9 earthquake and the 12-level typhoon, improving the overall safety level, fire resistance and durability of the house, and the quality is guaranteed.
High-quality construction method, assembly is not just a “pick up”. After the prefabricated components are transported to the construction site, the modular assembly and construction on site will save time, effort and worry, and improve the efficiency of the villa invisibly! It is conducive to civilized construction and safety management, greatly shortening the construction period, reducing environmental pollution and reducing labor costs.

The advantages of light steel villas compared to traditional houses:
Anti-9 earthquake, 13 hurricane, lightning protection, anti-humidity, anti-corrosion, fireproof, strong sound insulation, cool in winter and cool in summer, short construction period, energy saving and environmental protection.
The light steel main material is 100% recyclable and recyclable, and 80% of other materials can be recycled.
The construction period is short. A house construction cycle takes only 50 days to complete, and the installation cycle is much shorter than that of traditional brick and concrete buildings.
The thickness of light steel villas is 110-180mm, the residential area is about 90%, and the residential area of ​​brick-concrete houses is about 75%, which is 15-20% more than traditional brick-and-mortar houses. For example, a building area of ​​200 square meters can add 30 more. -40 square meters of use area, equivalent to an extra large living room or two bedrooms.
The overall cost of light steel structure houses is significantly better than that of traditional brick-concrete structures. “I think that light steel structure houses are more expensive than brick-concrete houses” is a misconception that there is no misunderstanding of the light steel houses.
Just like the "digital TV" and the past "black and white TV", now "smartphone" and the past "functional mobile phone", is a different price-performance product. Enjoy a different quality of life. The society is progressing, and people's thinking should continue to accept new things, let alone good products!
Therefore, we should break the traditional concept. The era of “Qin Brick Hanwa” has become a thing of the past. The “light steel structure” green building has subverted the tradition, and with the promotion and strong support of the government, it has become more and more popular.

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