Wuxi DSAYO technologe Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of environmental protection within the external walls of decorative plates tech enterprises. Enterprise strong technical force, management practices, employing a senior economist and senior management of enterprises, business is the production of metal embossed surface composite insulation board exterior insulation system of enterprises in No. 1, Jianshe Road, Ehu Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City. There are "trade integration demonstration bases", cash reserves, brought together a group of Chinese and foreign top designers, R&D personnel professional management personnel. The production of embossed metal surface DSAYO integrated composite wallboard has obtained five national patents, DSAYO constant protection, environmental protection, science and technology integrated wall hangings technology is innovative technology, fashion models, sold in Europe and other regions.

Products using leading international production equipment, with constant heat insulation,  four energy saving, noise reduction, professional authority B1 level of fire safety quality, hardness is strong, sold, reliable, healthy moisture, prevent mildew, green, eliminate odors, installation convenient, comprehensive saving, easy to scrub difficult to deformation, superior characteristics ultimate wall art.

As people decorate requested enhancements, as well as raise awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, embossed decorative sheet will become the era leader, leading the Chinese decorative model. Its products are a new type of environmentally friendly decorative materials with a promising future in the construction industry. The new material and generally present other types of decoration materials are essentially different, does not burn in the fire, does not melt, it will not emit toxic fumes, and a lightweight, non-toxic, non-corrosive, energy saving, low cost etc. advantages of no pollution, good processability, easy construction, its overall performance is the variety of decorative materials can not match. In use, compared with the conventional decorating material, to facilitate the construction, its light density, reduction of engineering cost and other properties for use in building a more unique advantages. Use of safer, more at ease.

The company has industrial production base, production, sales and construction in one, dedicated to the general domestic and international customers a full range of services to customers and create more value for society.