Steel structure residence highlights environmental advantages

The steel structure cross-section small indoor building layout is flexible, compared with the reinforced concrete structure can increase the building area by about 8%; the steel structure residential construction period is short, the construction is not affected by the climate and the season, and the construction is convenient and the construction speed is fast.

Short construction period, construction benefit is obvious
Compared with traditional reinforced concrete houses, steel structure houses have incomparable advantages in construction and comprehensive benefits: steel structure is lighter in weight, 30%~50% lighter than reinforced concrete structure; steel structure section is small, indoor construction The layout is flexible, and the effective area of ​​the building can be increased by more than 10% compared with the reinforced concrete structure; the construction period of the steel structure house is short, the construction is not affected by the climate and the season, and the construction is convenient and the construction speed is fast.
It is understood that the construction period of a single-story steel structure house can be shortened by more than 1/2 compared with the traditional building, while the similar reinforced concrete house takes more than two months.

Steel structure is not expensive
Despite the many benefits of steel-framed homes, there is still a long way to go for “high-cost, high-cost” steel-framed homes. According to industry insiders, the cost of steel-structured houses is similar to that of traditional steel-concrete houses.
For a high-rise building project, the proportion of structural cost is less than 30% of the project cost. The structural cost is divided into the upper structure cost and the basic cost. The steel structure accounts for only 10% of the total project investment. In addition, the construction period of steel-structured houses is shorter, and the transportation cost of relatively small steel structural components is much lower. Overall, the cost of steel-structured houses is actually similar to the cost of traditional steel-concrete houses.

Breakthrough restrictions to help the development of steel structure housing
Although China's steel-structured houses have developed, there is still a big gap compared with countries with mature steel structure technologies such as Japan and the United States. Some insiders said that in order to develop rapidly in China's steel structure housing, there are still many problems to be solved. Consumers are still accustomed to the traditional building model, and the acceptance of new things requires a process. In addition, developed countries have special steel structure residential design standards, and currently China lacks uniform steel structure residential construction and installation standards. For a long time, due to the lack of steel in China, the application of steel structure has been restricted, which has restricted the construction of steel structure houses. However, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the building level, the situation has changed. We are looking forward to opening the door to ordinary people as soon as possible.

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